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Wedding Band Details


At Schwanke-Kasten Jewelers we prefer using the traditional metals of platinum and gold for wedding bands and rings because they are more pliable and flexible for creating more intricate designs. The differences in these two metals are: 

Platinum is: 

  • More durable than gold.
  • Whiter than white gold because of it's purity.
  • Recommended for anyone who has allergic reactions to alloys found in gold. These alloys are: copper, zinc, silver, and nickel
  • Because of the hardness or strength of platinum, people will often created their gold engagement rings with a platinum head (to hold their diamond).

Gold - 14K and 18K 

  • Since 24 karat (K), pure gold, is so soft, it is rarely used for everyday jewelry, and is extremely expensive. That is why you will see the terms of 10K, 14K, 18K for jewelry. At Schwanke-Kasten, the jewelry we sell online and in our stores is made of 18K and 14K gold. The difference are: 
  • 18K means 75% of the metal used is a piece of jewelry will be gold, while 14K it will be 58%. The remaining percentages for each of these will be a combination of copper, fine silver, zinc and/or nickel. For specific colors of: 
    • Yellow & Rose Gold -- a mix of copper and fine silver will be added to the gold.
    • White Gold -- a mix of copper, zinc, silver and nickel will be added to the gold. One thing to mention about white gold jewelry, when it is worn daily, like in wedding bands, at some point you may want to have them rhodium plated in white gold to bring back the whiteness in the ring, like every 5 to 10 years. Feel free to call us at 1-800-965-1242 if you want more info regarding this process, and how much it will cost. 


The average for Men is 10, for Women is 6.  Our online pricing reflects men's rings sized 9-11, and women's rings sized 5-7. Please call us at 1-800-965-1242 for exact pricing on rings sized differently than what we show online.


  • Secretly bring a ring that is worn and have us measure it for sizing, or

  • Trace the inside of the ring and bring the drawing in to one of our stores, or

  • Guess - If you just want to present a ring as a surprise, then do it and come back in to exchange and/or create whatever you'd like after your initial gift giving.

When exchanging for another style or size, please keep the ring in the box, unworn; and come back to the store within 30 days. Note: 

  • If you are simply exchanging for a different size within 2 sizes up or down, (all things the same) there will be no monetary changes. If the sizing is more or less than 2 sizes up or down, you may need to pay a little bit more (or you may get some money back). 

  • If you are exchanging for another style, design or metal, we'll just apply what you paid towards the new selected ring.

  • If this is complete custom design, where you have worked with our goldsmith and gemologists, obviously it will be the perfect ring and no exchanging will be necessary. For custom rings, having the proper ring size will be important. 

Ring Sizing

This is complimentary when the ring is purchased at Schwanke-Kasten Jewelers. Otherwise stop in for sizing, leave your ring with us, and we'll get you an estimate from our goldsmith.


This is used for our plain wedding bands, ones without diamonds or gemstones, intricate designs. When a specific ring size known, it struck of chunk of gold or platinum, then shaped and buffed to your exact liking.

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