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Build Your Engagement Ring

We know finding the perfect engagement ring can seem daunting, sometimes even polarizing! Between the countless variables withing the 4 C's (Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat Weight), to mountings, prongs, settings and more, we want to make this incredibly important purchase as transparent and stress-free as possible. Which is why, we have developed a "build you engagement ring" process that focuses on the major factors and let's us handle the minute details. We will help you find a beautiful, quality engagement ring, for any budget in three steps.

  1. Start with Stone or Mounting: Most people know that their partner would like a certain center stone cut (i.e. round brilliant, pear, princess, etc.) or a particular mounting (i.e. solitaire, halo, split-shank, etc.). 
  2. Select Mounting or Stone: If you started with center-stone cut, then you'll pick a mounting you like that fits your selected cut. If you started with mounting, you will select a mounting and stone that will fit the style of mounting you are looking for.
  3. Fill out form with ideal budget, metal type, estimated ring size

Without further ado, please select from the following below so we can get one step closer to "I do". If you any questions throughout this process, please feel free to contact us either using the chat function, email or call.