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The Beginning of the Brand

Inside Grand Seiko

It was the determination to excel that brought about the birth of Grand Seiko in 1960. During its development and ever since, the idea that drove the designers and engineers was that Grand Seiko should be the ‘ideal’ watch with standards of precision, durability and beauty that would lead the world.



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"Made by hand for those who value perfection."

The expert craftsmanship at the heart of Grand Seiko
As one of the very few fully integrated watch manufactures in the world, Grand Seiko possesses a mastery over the full breadth of the watchmaking process from the research and development of component materials to manufacture, assembly, adjustment, inspection and shipment. Grand Seiko defines the essence of watchmaking in the elements of precision, beauty, legibility, durability and ease-of-use. As a world-leading watch manufacture, Grand Seiko embodies that very essence in the unrivaled quality in every Grand Seiko watch presented to the world.

Grand Seiko Craftsmanship
lady gaga - tudor ambassador

"Everlasting value reflecting the Japanese sense of beauty"

Japanese aesthetic of light, shadow, and perfect flatness For the Japanese, black and white are seldom expressed in their extremes; there are numerous gradations between light and shadow. Shadow is as important as light because only with shadow can light be expressed.On a perfectly polished surface, the play of light and shadow creates beautiful harmony. This interaction can be seen in traditional Japanese Shoji sliding doors. Even though these screen doors are constructed with simple straight lines and flat surfaces of paper and wood, the ever-changing interplay of light and shadow creates endless expressions of character.

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