Glossary of Jewelry Related Terms

Wanting to know a little more about jewelry terminology, just scroll down alphabetically to learn more. 

Alternative Metals | also referred as contemporary metals, which are used for wedding bands are titanium, tungsten and cobalt. These popular types of metals are often selected because their affordability and durability. However, the downside to using these metals in jewelry are:

  • Styles are very limited
  • Chlorine and harsh chemicals can destroy the metal surface so its recommended that wearer try and avoid swimming pools and hot tubs
  • Although durable, they can still scratch and most can only be sized 1/8 of an inch 
  • Cobalt if struck hard, can shatter

Die-Struck | a technique used for creating a wedding band or ring. Based on general ring size, the round circular shape is actually struck out of a piece of gold or platinum, then goldsmiths manipulate the material base on specific design styles such full-round, half round, comfort fit, shaped edges, etc.