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E.A.C.H. Program - Charitable Giving

As we continue through 2021, Schwanke-Kasten Jewelers feels that E.A.C.H. of us can make a difference by giving back and working with the Milwaukee community! As such, we have established a four pillar program of philanthropy. The idea will be to highlight and contribute significantly to each organization as a way to support the community that has supported us since 1899.

Last year, Schwanke-Kasten Jewelers dedicated time and money, worked closely in new ways to give back to Milwaukee in the form of our E.A.C.H. program, with resounding success. We were able to set up an internship program with Pearls for Teen Girls, help FREESPACE acquire a new sound system, volunteered at numerous events for the St. Francis Children Center, and donated to the Charles E. Kubly Beyond the Blues Foundation. We hope 2021 brings continued success to our previous recipients and are equally thrilled to be working with our new programs!

EDUCATION – Project Grace Foundation:

  • The Project Grace Foundation began in 2009 in an effort to provide a supportive learning environment for all children. Fast forward eight years, Grace’s Mom, Martha, found herself creating unique bracelets for family and friends; the demand continued.

    Established the Project Grade Foundation in 2017 as a 501C3 organization, the foundations donates 100% of all profits to supporting innovative advancements in education, advocacy and independence for the neuro-developmentally diverse population. Some organizations are Best Buddies of Wisconsin, Global Down Syndrome Foundation, Down Syndrome Foundation of Wisconsin.

    The bracelets are created with a combination of semi-precious stones, metals, vintage beads, charms, and other fabulous finds. Moreover, once you rock one of these unique bracelets you become a member of Gracie’s Tribe.

    Additionally, You can contact Martha Flaherty at [email protected] for more information regarding donations.

    Project Grace FoundationARTS – FREESPACE:

    • FREESPACE is an organization originating from an education experiment with the community’s social activities organized and informed by DIY and cooperative cultures. FREESPACE hosts a monthly, all-ages free, music showcase that gives young, local musicians opportunities to perform alongside seasoned artists. Our space offers artists and attendees chances to connect and freely engage in their culture, which leads discussing complicated, abstract ideas, questions, comments and concerns about the human condition. In it’s third year running, the organization has so far presented over 22 showcases, 20+ arts- and music-related events, film screenings, discussion, community meetings, participation in festivals and more. DONATE HERE:

      Freespace - Milwaukee Arts and Music Program

      COMMUNITY – Riverwest Food Pantry:

      • Founded in 1979, the Riverwest Food Pantry has provided food and services to tens of thousands of impoverished Milwaukee residents with the mission statement of, “(coming) together around food to relieve hunger, improve lives and grow community well-being". Together, volunteers and shoppers alike, can become a community of generosity – a community well-nourished, well-informed and strengthened to prevail. DONATE HERE:

        Riverwest Food PantryHEALTH – River Revitalization Alliance:

        • This project of the River Alliance of Wisconsin, aims to protect land and water resources along Milwaukee’s rivers for the public benefit. With 890 acres protected, 3.5 miles of new trails created, 357,528 lbs of invasive plants removed per year and 10,200 native plants planted, and 500 volunteers per year, this fantastic organization aims to revitalize the surrounding neighborhoods and water quality around the areas bordering the Milwaukee, Menonmonee and Kinnickinnic Rivers. The River Revitalization Foundation originate in 1994 as a land trust. Furthermore, a land trust's goal is to improve neighborhood restoration, economic vitality, conservation of natural areas and creation of public access to these natural area. They are Wisconsin’s only urban rivers land trust.

          Learn more about the River Revitalization Foundation or donate to their non-profit.

          Schwanke-Kasten Jewelers acknowledges the many worthwhile non-profit organizations and other fundraising activities helping our Milwaukee area communities, and as such we typically donate a fixed percentage of our profits each year to aide several philanthropic endeavors. If you'd like to be considered for 2019's E.A.C.H. program, please follow the guidelines below 

          Donation Guidelines are:

          • Organization must be based in and around the Milwaukee area
          • Donations must be strictly for fundraising purposes
          • Requests must be received 8 weeks prior to event to allow for adequate processing time
          • Request Letter should include the following:
            • Organization’s website & Federal Identification Number
            • Event Name, Description, Date & Location
            • Contact Name, Phone, Fax, Email
            • Donation Shipping Street Address, City, State & Zip, and Name of Contact
            • Purpose of donation – Door Prize, Live Auction, Raffle, Incentive, Silent Auction, etc.
          • All requests should be made on your organization's letterhead (please do not email), and then mailed to:

          Donation Committee
          Schwanke-Kasten Jewelers
          417 E. Silver Spring Drive
          Whitefish Bay, WI 53217

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