E.A.C.H. Program - Charitable Giving

As we continue through 2018, Schwanke-Kasten Jewelers feels that E.A.C.H. of us can make a difference by giving back and working with the Milwaukee community! As such, we have established a four pillar program of philanthropy. The idea will be to highlight and contribute significantly to each organization as a way to support the community that has supported us since 1899.

  • EDUCATION – St. Francis Children’s Center:
    • In 1968, St. Francis Children’s Center started with one belief, "the earlier children with special needs received assistance, the more opportunities there would be for them to achieve success". 50 year's later, St. Francis Children's Center served over 800 children last year alone! St. Francis Children’s Center is a nonprofit, non-sectarian organization that works with children and their families — from birth through high school — throughout the Milwaukee area. They are a passionate team of educators, social workers, therapists and administrators devoted to working with children of all abilities–those with special needs and those who are typically developing–to ensure that all children have the tools needed to reach their goals.

St. Francis Children's Center

    • FREESPACE is an organization originating from an education experiment with the community’s social activities organized and informed by DIY and cooperative cultures. FREESPACE hosts a monthly, all-ages free, music showcase that gives young, local musicians opportunities to perform alongside seasoned artists. Our space offers artists and attendees chances to connect and freely engage in their culture, which leads to exploring and discussing complicated, abstract ideas, questions, comments and concerns about the human condition. In it’s third year running, the organization has so far presented over 22 showcases, 20+ arts- and music-related events, film screenings, discussion, community meetings, participation in festivals and more. DONATE HERE:

Freespace - Milwaukee Arts and Music Program

  • COMMUNITY – PEARLS for Teen Girls:
    • PEARLS for Teen Girls is a unique leadership development program serving girls middle school through high school, and beyond, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We empower girls to live out the PEARLS values: Personal Responsibility, Empathy, Awareness, Respect, Leadership and Support. DONATE HERE:

PEARLS for Teen Girls

  • HEALTH – Charles E. Kubly Foundation:
    • The Charles E. Kubly Foundation is a public charity committed to improving the lives of those affected by depression. Through the generous support of our donors, we fund quality mental health projects that aim to reduce suicide and the stigma associated with depression and provide education and resource information. DONATE HERE:

Schwanke-Kasten Jewelers acknowledges the many worthwhile non-profit organizations and other fundraising activities helping our Milwaukee area communities, and as such we typically donate a fixed percentage of our profits each year to aide several philanthropic endeavors. If you'd like to be considered for 2019's E.A.C.H. program, please follow the guidelines below 

Donation Guidelines are:

  • Organization must be based in and around the Milwaukee area
  • Donations must be strictly for fundraising purposes
  • Requests must be received 8 weeks prior to event to allow for adequate processing time
  • Request Letter should include the following:
    • Organization’s website & Federal Identification Number
    • Event Name, Description, Date & Location
    • Contact Name, Phone, Fax, Email
    • Donation Shipping Street Address, City, State & Zip, and Name of Contact
    • Purpose of donation – Door Prize, Live Auction, Raffle, Incentive, Silent Auction, etc.
  • All requests should be made on your organization's letterhead (please do not email), and then mailed to:

Donation Committee
Schwanke-Kasten Jewelers
417 E. Silver Spring Drive
Whitefish Bay, WI 53217