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Piero Milano

We’d like to tell you a story, but not one of those with an ending: these are just the first chapters in a tale we’ll be writing together, discovering together how it unfolds.

For over sixty years now, Piero Milano and Luigi Benzi, whose passion and dedication to creating beautiful original lines of jewelry that have become synonymous with excellence and prestige using the finest materials, artistic craftsmanship and yielding painstaking attention to detail every step of the way.

Every creation represents another tiny step towards making your dreams come true, the promise of making your story truly unique and your happiest moments truly memorable. investing the utmost care in making sure they’re just perfect for you. 

Because we believe there’s a moment – and that moment is today – that inextricably links what we used to be to what we are now, and that brings added value to each little work of art that holds within it a clearly defined style and a fascinating story: our own!