Orbita Watch Winders and Cases

Never worry about time again

Whether you are looking for something to protect your watch when you travel or keep it wound while you wear another favorite mechanical watch, Schwanke-Kasten Jewelers has the perfect choices for watch cases and winders.

If you see something online, and want to see it in person in our store, please call 800-965-1242 and make arrangements.

Voyager 1
Verona 2 Watch Folder
Verona 1 Watch Case
Sparta 1 Mini Watch Winder
Sparta 1 Deluxe Lithium Watch Winder
From $495.00 - $795.00
Sparta 1 Bold Watch Winder
Siena 2 Executive Rotorwind
Siena 1 Rotorwind
Futura 1 Watch Winder
Cristalo 1 Watch Winder